Flat screen messaging, allows your waiting room to start adding value to each customer visit and leverage your investment in floor space and seating.  If your present investment is providing free opportunities for your customer to read ads from some other business, the flat screen displaying useful content about your services, skills, and up-to-date facts is meant for you.  It will expand your customer base.
Our surveys show customers want to know more.  For medical, there's a long list such as vaccinations, low-T, diet, and disease.  Every specialty has its own details repeated individually on a daily basis. Seeing a professional on tape with this information adds value, strengthens customer relationships, and customer retention.  Word of mouth referrals are information-driven.
Every business has great services to talk about, especially for the new visitor.  This is the new showcase to educate and inform.
40" LED display with optional super-slim computer inside the rear frame.  Connect a keyboard, mouse, zip drive, etc as needed to update information displayed.
We provide assistance in creating content.
Content management program no extra charge.
Super Slim 1.7" depth and built in speaker, an all-in-one simple installation.
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