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Draper Shades
Electric and manual shades of various light-controlling properties reduce glare and reduce energy costs.
Executive Conference
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Bliss Supplies, Inc. Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
Fine veneers in choice of finish tones.  Long-lasting durability and style.  Strength of integrity allows wiring options.
Projector choices
Available in various configurations and manufacturer offers connection boxes for electronics which we optimize.
LCD, LCOS, or DLP to match your specified screen size and room.  Resolution and other features to meet user requirements.
Office Specialty Cabinet
High-Density Storage
The most durable on the market today.  The widest selection of configurations allow the most efficient use of space and time.
Cut your file storage space in half, or double your capacity.  Tracks can be added later or expanded.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Configure cabinets by drawer size required and location.
Thin shelves mean less overall height.
Compacting track systems offer security with track locks and optional doors.  Configure each shelf for convenience and efficiency.
This large system requires half a pound of pressure to move each unit.
Common red-rope folders stay in place.
Work stations with sound supression panels.
Centralized counter area designed to communicate with the local team.
Combination low and high panels allow economy and a view.
Private office providing custom-sized surfaces for optimum space and work efficiency.  No standard desk provides this comfort, and the room always looks perfect years later.
Fit more people and storage while electric is where it's needed.
Inscape provides "lay in" wiring.  Hidden in the panel just above beltline electric.  Add any cabling without detaching panels.
Our gallery of products, click to view.
Inscape workstations work harder, last longer, and offer features people need.  Inscape designers serve the customer with innovation and efficiency.
Draper screens can be mounted in the ceiling.  No meeting or boardroom should be without a well-designed system to communicate.  Walls and furniture must be coordinated in the plan.
Draper provides the perfect size and screen surface for any room.
Projection always provides a theater experience superior to any flat screen.  Never experience a glare or reflection.
The fixed screen is always ready and cost-effective.
Wireless mics with a charger and rechargable batteries.  These can sit on the table.  Wearable version is also available.   Always ready for use.
We install products per manufacturer instructions using licensed electricians and the highest quality cabling.  HDMI and all other connections are mission-critical.